The next installment in the NFL Street franchise fails to deliver - plain and simple.

User Rating: 5 | NFL Tour X360
Just about a year ago, the "so-so" NFL Street 3 hit the stores. Despite the fact that it wasn't as solid as NFL Street 2, Street 3 still gave us what we wanted - an accessible (and fun) arcade style football game. NFL Tour is essentially the "next NFL Street game." However, there are some major differences between this game and past entries in the series.

Firstly, NFL Tour takes the game off of the gritty streets, and into these cheesy stadiums located in major US cities. This, in my opinion, is a huge step back for the series, as the stadiums look nearly identical to one another! You can no longer jump off of trash cans or use your environment to your advantage. Thanks to this, you are stuck playing a very simple "pickup" game of football.

Another key feature of the game that was "ripped out" was the ability to execute trick moves. Special jukes, stiff arms, and even taunts are not in the game anymore. These various moves have been replaced by an extremely simplistic one-button-press counters for offense (and reversals for defense). For example, if you are running down the field and a lineman wraps your legs up, you are able to press the A button and break the tackle. Not only does this make the running game boring, but takes any challenge out of the game. However, this feature may be beneficial if you are playing with someone who has never played a game of Madden before.

The passing in NFL Tour also undergoes some odd changes; you must "select" the receiver you want to throw to. This is done by pressing the B button; each press cycles through your various receivers. Luckily, you have the option to go back to classic passing in the main menu.

The game modes in NFL Tour are some of the only things that remain unchanged. There are various mini-games in Tour, and they all serve a purpose. However, the main "story" mode in Tour is now known as the "Tour Mode." In this game mode, you create a player (by using a simplistic character creator), and place him on your favorite NFL team. Then you play a bunch of games. I'm serious; there is virtually no variety. This mode not only gets boring quickly, but is narrated by Trey Wingo, from ESPN. Trey is also the commentator when you play the games. Even though he does a decent job, his lines do repeat often.

Overall, NFL Tour feels like a missed opportunity. EA certainly did not utilize the power of the 360, and basically removed all of our favorite features from the earlier Street titles. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a fast-paced game that can be played in short time periods, this may be your game. Sadly, this may be the end for the Street franchise. Oh how the mighty have fallen.