Fun, Fun, Fun; for an hour or so

User Rating: 4 | NFL Tour X360
I am a big fan of any form of American football. So when I saw something different come out rather than Madden I ordered it and eagerly awaited it's arrival.

The game is well presented and the graphics are slick. The sound effects are good and the announcer is crystal clear. You can customize your player almost any way you like, this holds your attention for a few minutes.

Upon playing the game I thought it felt like NFL street but inside a stadium, power plays, quick button presses will break tackles etc. However after a few minutes of playing you notice that the announcer is repeating himself very quickly, to the point where you can predict what he is going to say and then along comes a statement like "Well as there's not a lot of budget for this game I'm just going to repeat myself over again."

The controls are different to madden, but you quickly get the hang of them, your well on the way to piling up the points. The gameplay is similar to Arena football; not much D, just a lot of scoring, with the occasional interception thrown in for good measure. However after about an hour you notice that there is not a lot to do and the game becomes VERY repetitive and when you look for story/franchise mode it is simply several games stringed together.

A great game to pick up and play but not worth the full price; rent it if you can. I get the feeling that this would have been a truly classic arcade game, action, fun, no major learning curve. But today people want more than an hours play for their money.