Game play is good, difficulty has been underwhelming, digital content is worry some

User Rating: 7.5 | NCAA Football 11 X360
Overall I enjoy the game, a few things not so much, like being able to pay to make my highschool recruit a 5 star player or paying for a pipeline in recruiting. Add to that the DRM content where I need to plug in my code to play online and it is a bit disturbing what EA has done regarding digital content and management of said content.

Gameplay is good, as I haven't upgraded since NCAA 2007, but overall I am a bit disturbed with what EA is doing and I am voting not to participate with my wallet as it just seems creepy to me.

I like:
- the controls
- the gameplay tweaks that they had in NCAA 2004 that were removed on previous iterations with the next gen console,
- formattion substitutions and swapping out players as needed for formations on the fly.
- No huddle offense allowing play selection for offense and defense

I have not played online, but that is mostly because I am more of a single player dynasty player, and have had some really bad experiences with griefers online (both not playing the game how it should be played...subbing in fastest CB for QB and running option over and over again) and early quitters.

I do not like the load times involved in this game especially for the road to glory mode where swapping between evening and practice takes 2-3 minutes per swap. Loads are ridiculous for this...why can't we just choose our evening event from practice field? Guy asks you what you are doing that night, you tell them one of 4 options...where is go party option for evening event? Especially to blow off steam after a game!