Better than last year, but needs more.

User Rating: 7.5 | NCAA Football 11 X360
Every year we pay witness to the new sports titles that EA brings out. In this case NCAA 11 is brought upon us. It is what you would expect from a college football title. You have all the same basic modes, both online and offline. And the road to glory mode is back. Putting your created player on the virtual field to rack up stats and gain trophies.

The main problem with this game is there is not enough new content to justify the price tag. I find myself renting these every year only to find alot of the same has been kept. Take for instance the high school games. The field and the general setup has been reused for how many years now? As well as the music and sayings from the commentators. And the worst part I think is the use of in-game advertising. This is being more common now days and just seems silly.

Yet another flaw that I have seen is the more than common place frame issues. Many times during play the game will just freeze, then about 3 or 4 seconds later will come back. This can prove irritating when you are on the run and passing.

But there are some good things in this years installment. The gameplay is good for a football game and the fields still look good. The animations are pretty well done also. The variations in styles differ from team to team. This is new for 2011 and makes you adjust how you play almost every team.

But to me the lack of new features, and same basic game as the year before make NCAA 11 a rent first type of game. Unless you are a hardcore college football fan you will probably want to rent this and give it a whirl. Pretty good game, but nothing to be blown away by. EA needs to re-vamp the next game with newer features.