ncaa 11 the honest review

User Rating: 7 | NCAA Football 11 X360
Hello gamers.....I have been playing the retail copy of NCAA 11 on both the ps3 and the Xbox 360. I like the feel while playing the game with the ps3 controller; however, it looks and plays best on the 360. This is the best football game that EA has produced this gen; on the other hand it is still greatly lacking... Defense is poor!!!!!!!!!! you never feel like you have control of your defensive players ; conversely, offensive controls perfectly...the running game feels incredible( still room for improvement...needs a better camera angle, better balance between the offensive and defensive lines, and pre -snap physics on the should be able to move your defensive lineman by tapping them with your linebacker, having your linebacker or any defensive player run through another as it they were invisible prior to the snap is just plain lazy and unacceptable.. fixing this would greatly improve strategy when going against a hurry up offense) is the game worth 60 dollars no, should we have to pay for bonus content on!!!! the game fun ....YES!!!!!!!!! This is the game that EA should have given us two years ago. The AI is much improved and some of the animations make you feel like you are actually in a game of football...the game isn't worth 60 because it makes you realize how lazy and lack luster EA previous efforts have been...they should discount the game if you trade in madden or nana 2010. The game needs better pass rush, commentators, and running year if they can incorporate the euphoria engine and add better in game commentary , field degradation, uniforms getting dirty and tweak the offensive vs. defensive lines balance, and we will finally have game that is next gen. As it stands now, NCAA 11 is a 7, it is headed in the right direction, is definitely fun to play, looks incredible at times; however it feels to little , too late? I would wait until November and pick it up on is worth adding to your collection, just not worth $ 60.00. PS3 owners, I would hold off until next year, the differences between the two are small but the 360 gives you the better experience