one of the best baskettball game out there.

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Live 09 PS3
as i said before it is one of the best basketball out to offer. it give the player the feel of a real ball player; allowing you to use a players go-to move to get to the basket for an easy 2 points. compared to NBA 2K9 the controls are more complicated but you will get the hang of it about an hour into the game. the online multiplayer is very nice. the game is headset compatible so you can talk smack to you play against. the offline multiplayer is able to support up to 4 people. anothe exciting feature is the NBA 365. this allows the player not only to update their rosters so the game is never out of date but it allows you to review the players hot and cold streak though a season. for those that played the previous installment of the live franchise, the hot and cold spot are back. but this time when you press button to activate it it does not cover the floor with deep red or blue. now those colors are a transparnet blue and red. in conclusoin the game is a must have if you like basketball