A truly amazing game with the best graphics you'll see!

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA Live 09 PS3
Oh my god! This is a game with amazing ball physics, great graphics and
great tricks. The ball physics are amazing and the AI are smart opponents.
When you get a free throw, the sixaxis comes into use where you have to
tilt it back then forward. To shoot you pull back the anolouge stick and press it forward in the direction you want it to go in. Its an amazing game and so
addictive. I cant get over the graphics. To be honest, it probably has the best
graphics ever put into a video game! Its that good! Its got great tricks to do
and the shooting tricks is so cool. Characters respond in a realistic way to the
situation. Like when you're under a net and guys are a round you, a teammate
might move into space for you just where you want him to be. You can now
choose exactly which person you pass to now thanks to the R1 button which
lets you chosse a person with the control pad. The passing has different wats
and by running from side to side, you r basketballer should do some nice
tricks confusing the oppsition. The game is great! I got the demo and was really impressed by it. My mum walked in and thought I was watching a basketball match it was that realistic. What a laugh it was!Anyway 2k sports
are amazing at making sports games. They also made Top Spin 3 another
favourite of mine which also has the amazing graphics! If you like cool realistic
sport games then give this one a go and I can garuntee you you wont regret it!
One of the best games I have ever played. Get it!