Live is back

User Rating: 8 | NBA Live 09 PS3
Live is getting there.I rented 2K9 it's a good sim but the controls are hit or miss and there are no guides to help you figure them out.Now back to live gameplay is much smoother than any other live. Still has some glitches nothing major. Difficulties are on point this year. Love the new feature of uploading your replays to EA Sports I think its to early to say anything about the DNA feature. The lock down feature needs work doesn't feel realistic. Graphics are always up to par in live. Be a pro is a nice add to the game. Wish EA would make the "D" adapt to your style like Madden does. Fiba teams are a nice add more teams than they where in the last live. I think Live is getting where it needs to be gameplay needs a little more work but its still a fun game to play. I'll always be a live fan. LIVE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!