Great game made for the PSP

User Rating: 9.2 | NBA Ballers: Rebound PSP
Most everyone loved the original NBA Ballers, which shipped for the PS2 and Xbox. And for good reason, it packed a genuinely engaging mix of court action and story. Unlike many sports titles, regardless of the actual sport, Ballers actually emphasized the success of the individual, and not just a team. And for most people, it was a welcome, addicting change. Now, NBA Ballers is set to ship on PSP under a new name, NBA Ballers: Rebound. And just like the original, it looks to provide a great time on the court.

Here's a recap, though, in case you didn't know. Rebound is basically an enhanced version of the original. Of course, you'll still find the classic one-on-one matches, where you pick one main player to compete against a rival of your choosing. Then there's the TV tournament mode, where you throw wannabe stars into competition to unlock professional NBA players. Fighting to unlock players seems like fun, but it's not as compelling as another mode, called Rags-to-Riches. Here, you make a player using Rebound's create-a-player system, then send him into the "fight," as it were.