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NBA Ballers: Rebound Cheats For PSP

  1. Phrase-ology Passwords

    Enter codes in phrase-ology section to unlock things...

    Effect Effect
    RISING STAR Steve Francis' alternate gear
    NBA BALLERS TRUE PLAYA all alternate gear, players, and movies.
    THE ANSWER Allen Iverson's Recording Studio
    Zo Alonzo Mourning Alternate Gear
    24 SECONDS Chris Weber's alternate gear
    CLYDE THE GLIDE Clyde Drexler's alternate gear
    In The Paint Dikembe Mutumbo's Alternate Gear
    Manu Emanuel Ginobli Alternate Gear
    Stop Drop And Roll Jerry Stackhouse Alternate Gear
    One On One Julius Irving Alternate Gear
    Holla Back Kevin McHale Alternate Gear
    KING JAMES Lebron James' alternate gear
    Laker Legends Magic Johnson Alternate Gear
    Rags To Riches Nene's Hilarios Alternate Gear
    Pistol Pete Pete Maravich's Alternate Gear
    Bring Down The House Rasheed Wallace Alternate Gear
    NICE YACHT Scottie Pippen's Yacht
    Platinum Playa Stephon Marbury's Alternate Gear
    Ankle Breaker Steve Francis Alternate Gear
    Make It Take It Tim Duncan Alternate Gear
    The Answer to unlock Allen Iverson's recording studio
    Ice House to unlock Karl Malone's devonishire Estate
    Euro Crib to unlock Kobe Bryant's Italian Estate
    Nice Yacht, to unlock Scottie Pippen's yacht
    Prep School to unlock Yao Ming's Grade School
    Rip Unlock Rick Hamilton's Alternate Gear
    WILT THE STILT Wilt Chamberlain's alternate gear

    Contributed by: PSPmasta, dandill23, keithg7 

  2. Code pushbuton

    Enter these codes at the "Todays Episode" screen(before the game begins.) The first position indicates how many times to press the first button(square), the second indicates how many times to press the second button(triangle), and the third how many times to press the third button(circle). Press the analog stick in any direction to unlock the cheat. If done correctly you should see a message where your name was.

    Effect Effect
    1-2-3 Alternate Gear
    1-3-4 Big Head Mode
    1-2-4 Enable Super Block
    5-1-2 Extra moves
    3-3-2 Great Handles
    5-5-7 Play As Agent
    5-3-7 Play As Buisnessman A
    5-2-7 Play As Buisnessman B
    5-6-7 Play As Coach
    5-4-7 Play As Secretary
    4-2-5 Pygmy Mode
    3-0-0 Random Moves
    3-1-5 Super Push
    0-1-2 View Shot Percentage

    Contributed by: shmuliosis