Good game with much options and good graphics.

User Rating: 8.6 | NBA Ballers: Rebound PSP
NBA Ballers: Rebound is a good game with much options and good graphics. And you don't must be a basketbal fan to really like this game, even if you can't play basketbal or you aint understand the rules really good you will pick it up very quick.

NBA Baller: Rebound got's two modes where you can unlock players and mansions, Rags to riches and TV Tournament. In the rags to riches mode you start with your own made player who is not famous and rich and you must make from him a good player. During the tournaments you may choose out pieces for your own mansion and court. That will be the place where te last game will be.

The second mode is TV Tournament. Where you can pick a famous basketballer or you own made homie ( not the same dude from Rags to Riches mode) to play with. With this mode you can buy rides, clothes, chains, players, mansions and much more stuff.

Now the fun part, your home-made baller. What you can customize with a buch of clothes like t-shirts, hoodies and nearly all the NBA jerseys. But you player aint complete with no ICE. Choose a chain from nearly 50 different ones from Platina to gold. And a lots of watches.

NBA Ballers is a good game with much options a must for the fan but olso for the expiriencer.