Even thou this game is now concidered older, its a great basketball game.

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA 2K6 X360
NBA 2K6 is a great basketball game. You can pick it up used for around $3 and thats a great deal for this game. The graphics are great even thou its an older game. The players sweat the longer they play, and the models are just great. There are also a good bunch of game modes. There is the franshice mode, the road to the ebc mode and tons of street stuff and more. The franshice mode is great and give you a lot of control. You get to pick your team, name the GM, hire all the coaches, scout players, do weekly practice, and just a have a lot of fun. The road to the ebc mode is a great feature in this game and adds a bunch of play time. The crib is not as good as the ones in the football games, but its still nice to have one and there are some cool things you can buy to unlock teams and stuff. The online play is also good. It was kinda hard to find a player on live since its an older game, but when i did find someone the game was great. There was no lag and everything was working fine. Overall this game is a great basketball game, especially for $3. It has good graphics, good gameplay, and a bunch of features that can keep you playing a long time.