NBA Its Fan-tastic!

User Rating: 8.7 | NBA 2K6 X360
I just say WOW I'm so glad I bought this game. Its fun every time you play and the Online is just what the 360 needed for its first 2k sports NBA title.
This game proves that if EA hadn't bought up the rights to the Exclusive NFL Licence that the 2k sports version of the NFL would have blown Madden away and thats why EA did what they did.

Whether you are playing the single player portions of the game or you are whipping up on your friends this game delivers all around fun for everyone. ( *HINT* 360 ) he-he

The gameplay was solid and the graphics will blow you away. Players sweating up and down the court, showing fatigue and facial expressions, and the replay function is awesome.

The New Free Throw feature makes you feel more into the game, I love things that bring you as close to the game as possible. Man I Love to Dunk and baby is it sweet when you walk of the court with a win.

One really bad thing but hardly anything that would Kill your game Buzz, but the Coaches and the Announcers are really strange looking and DO NOT belong in this game with the amount of detail that is in this game. The Announcer as the ugliest suits and has the "Handy" the Hamburger Helper Hands, seriously check it out. Other than this, thats all I could find in the game that I didn't like.

If you are into sports and you need a good game to fill your need on your 360, Definitely Buy this game. But if your wallet is still kinda empty from the Holidays then Definitely Rent this one. @ $20 a month is a great way to rent 360 games, Instead of Blockbuster @ $8 a rental for just a week. Plus with you can have 2 games for the whole month or trade them in for others with no extra costs. Check it out if you are a big game renter.

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I Love you All