So I just started this the other day,I haven't gotten very far yet. I'm playing about 5-6 different games all at

User Rating: 8 | Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru DS
It's true, So. I started this game knowing full well what I was in for. What did the reviewers expect? War and Peace in girly game form?
I mean C'mon. I'm also playing Rhapsody a musical adventure,I knew that wasn't gonna be oh .... Gears of War.
I wish that just once someone would actually PLAY the games they review ALL THE WAY THROUGH and GIVE IT THE FAIR REVIEW IT DESERVES!! Or Oh I don't know... Maybe you should PLAY that game U complain or Dis Before U SAY or WRITE anything! I like this game for what it is. It's cute and funny and no zombies or guns or any of the REPEATED crap I am seeing on the market now. So. (jumping off soap box) THUD!!

I like this game for the fun of it. It's girly sure, but i am a girl. so what if i like to shoot things every now and then. and so what if i LOVE Persona(All the series so far). Doesn't mean I can't like this game.
Does It? How about U dear reader? What DO U THINK?