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User Rating: 10 | Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru DS
ok, so i just played this game last... week or last last week i cant really remember but anyways i played it not knowing how the game really works. i didnt really know how to use pout system to level up or get some extra cash. i had lack of money at the beginning cause i stupidly bought some stuff and ate a lot of food and thought it was a total waste of time playing. but as u proceed, there are just more and more things to look for.

--little preview/review of game---
this games main point is using the pout. u get double exp and cash (usually) and item after each battle if u use pout. this takes care of all the leveling up and cash. i didnt know this and that is why i couldnt level up or have enough cash to feed my MC, sorry princess. pout skills, i think u start with like 10 or 20 and this is too low to have all exp,cash,item pouts and this is when people lose interest because they just dont seem to be able to level up or earn money. this i think marrionette should have considered because this game just gets better and better as u proceed, like i mentioned. also, pout is not only used to level up faster. it changes the landscape of the town or the field u r in. so lets say u r on ice. cold, freezing, freaky penguins attacking u. u want something warm like a garden. then u just use ur pout skills to change the freezing ice to a smelly garden. the smell too strong? then u change it to praries where there are only grass. also with pout, u can change the difficulty level of the game. u can lower or higher the enemies levels by 10s. 10 up would be pretty stupid thing to do it the princess is not prepared, but it is useful to level up. the princess can use the ultimate skill pout, but she cant use any spells. yes, she may be kinda stupid to learn magic, but her trust worthy parrat, PARO will learn magic skills as he is hit by the magic. with ur slimy slime PINKY with u to mimck monsters skills, there is nothing that stops the princess!!

for each town u go to, there will be major quest and side quests. major quests are things u HAVE to do in order to open the gate to the next town. the quests are usually hunting down monsters or collecting from gardens or forests. this causes fights = levels = stats = ur slime mimck. and after quests, a warrior called NERO, hired by ur father will come to test u often. well, he basically stalks u where ever u go, but he would summon gate keepers to give u good looking weapons and high exps. isnt he just awesome?
well anyways, if u clear about 4 or so towns u will get a last stage for a big boss. once u beat her up (boss always girls>