RPG parody with a few interesting bits, but turns into a major slog.

User Rating: 6 | Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru DS
The Good:
No-nonsense low-frustration RPG. Doesn't take itself seriously, making fun of many RPG conventions.

The Bad:
Too simplistic, not enough variety of equipment or customization options. Quests become dull fetches and hunts. Graphics are literally the same as Master of the Monster Lair.
Despite the warnings, I decided to pick this one up, thanks to getting very frustrated with the endgame in Fire Emblem. Oh, a low-key boring RPG will be just the thing, I says to myself.
So, after putting up with the inevitable comments from the staff at the game store about getting in touch with my feminine side, I plopped this into my system. After about an hour, I found myself puzzled by exactly who the publishers were targeting this game to. Play-wise, it is a beginner RPG aimed at youngsters; storywise, though, it is filled with inside jokes about the RPG genre, presumably aimed at an older more seasoned crowd who would find the game-play tedious and dull. I just don't get it.

Anyway, as advertised, this is a very easy to play RPG, with a few funny elements that the publishers hoped would split this one off from the rest, but in the end just can't stop the mundanity, if that's a word.

Like every other RPG ever made, you (a young spoiled princess) set out to save the world by accepting quests in towns to help the little people live happy lives. I won't give away how this takes place, but for a while the premise is actually pretty funny. Once that wears off, however, it turns into a standard runa round killing things until you satistfy the quest requirements.

Battles take place in a you-facing-them turn-based way a la Golden Sun, FF, etc. In addition to weapons and magic, you have a pout system that allows you to cast different styles of magic, like paralyzing people, changing the ground you stand on, increase monster levels, find better stuff, etc. It is an interesting idea, but doesn't change things enough to get away from the tedium this game becomes.

In a fit of laziness, the graphics are exactly the same as those found in Master of the Monster Lair, right down to the same monster models and dungeons. Considering how poorly that game sold, I guess the publishers figured nobody would notice. Suffice it to say that the animations are minimal, the style cartoony.

In the end, "nothing special" perfectly describes this game. The pout system and offbeat story just don't add enough variety to an otherwise typical RPG. That said, if you were planning on buying Zenses for your blood pressure, you might consider this one as well, since every time you turn it on, you will fall asleep ten minutes later.