You know the game is going to be good when graphics arnt the be all and end all

User Rating: 9 | Mount & Blade PC
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This game is great. Sure the graphics look old and dated but i am sick of games that concentrate on looking pretty with all the flashy new rendering techniques and the whole "oh doesnt the water look so real in this game. it is all about the water and the reflections it gives you, therefore it must be a good game". Also having to play the game just as the developers want you too because they spent too much time on their pretty water effects and forgot about making the game good. So for me it is good to see a game released where you get to ride a horse and fight on that horse with bows, lances, swords etc and the fact that it gives you in game effects to things like damage and accuracy means the designers have really thought about what they wanted to make.

The fact that you are in a kingdom doing whatever you want is good too. Finding favour with lords or just doing whatever you want is what games should let you do. You could pick a fight with everyone right away if you really want and you can then see how you would go with lords and armies hunting you down all the time.

It feels like you are just controling another person in the world as they AI is going to keep doing what it does with or without you. Kingdoms will go to war and if you want to get involved you can, if not then dont.

You arnt guided to being a hero or villian and you arnt expected to be either also. You just go and do what you want. Joy
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