Heads up corporate azzholes! Indie game terrorists threaten to blow pc gaming up by making games fun again!!

User Rating: 9.9 | Mount & Blade PC
Viva la Revolucione!! Are you, my fellow gamer, sick of paying big bucks for over-hyped, big budget titles from corporate enterprises who have made all their game design decisions based on profit margins and conservative market trends in hopes of appealing to the largest and least imaginative audience? The answer I hope is yes, because fortunately, there is still a real alternative, unlike in some of our other social arenas. I don't want to totally disparage mainstream gaming, its not all bad, but there are just so many fun games that are off the radar made by independent developers that are so worthy of our attention. To start with, Mount and blade is aesthetically a diamond in the rough. While the textures in game are superb, there is no authentic 3d horizon or sky. That really doesn't seem to detract from the game over-all however. Considering its a two person development team, I can definitely forgive this minor deficit. Especially because the game still manages to look unique and beautiful. The good news my friends, is that having played every genre of combat game out there I can pretty much say this is a new experience for pc gaming. Yes Conan is coming out and will have horseback fighting and some console titles have done it already, (haven't played these yet) but I doubt they are up to the standard set by this title. Your horses look as if their movement was captured by stop-motion technology. The realism of watching combat transpire is something I haven't seen in a computer game before..its kind of unbelievable that it takes a two person team from Turkey to reveal this dimension of gaming goodness to the world. More power to them. They deserve our support. Games should first and foremost be fun. Period. Everything after that is icing. I would go so far as to say that games that aren't fun should be illegal. I think most people would agree with me when I say that the spectre of technological innovation is only properly appeased when genocide and lamentations of oppression proliferate in the vaunted hauls of cyber-space, accompanied by the merry laughter of the homicidal denizens of the new virtual village. Mount and blade. Pain and Pleasure. Game on brethren. I've said enough.