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Mount & Blade Cheats For PC

  1. Mount and Blade cheats.

    check the cheat code box at the start of the game

    Go into character then do Ctrl + l

    Effect Effect
    CTRL+W Adds 10 to each weapon proficiency
    CTRL+X Adds 1000 XP in the character screen
    CTRL+F5 AI takes over character in fights.
    CTRL+F4 Each press kills one enemy you are fighting.
    CTRL+H Heals you fully.
    Ctrl-f3 Hurt yourself.
    CTRL+X In the inventory it adds 1000 Gold to your amount of money.
    Ctrl+L Increase your player levels to maximum
    Ctrl+Shift+F6 Knock out all your troops
    Ctrl+F6 Knock out one of your troops
    CTRL+SHIFT+F4 Knocks out all enemies zoomed into
    CTRL + F9 Slow Motion (tap again to go back to normal)
    CTRL+Left Click Teleports party to the cursor
    CTRL+T This lets you see all partys on the map.
    CTRL+X Upgrades the selected party member

    Contributed by: Taski897, mountaingoat99, sevenxup, aurelkillers, techx2006, Kroatos, imasupernoob 

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