A very simple,classic game for the DS.

User Rating: 7 | Monster Tale DS
Monster Tale for the DS is a classic game. The game was simply fun to play. Its a 2D dimensional 16-bit game classic graphics to see.

If you've played games like Mega Man, you know exactly what to do. This game is like Mega Man which you shoot beams,charged beams,and dash. Also going to a capsule to learn new moves. So much like Mega Man, well not really. You're also going train your own monster, evolving it to a big monster. You evolve you're monster by beating up enemies and by letting them in the bottom screen by eating,exercise,read,etc. You're monster also aids for the battle using skills. The Boss battles are a bit challenging, especially the final boss. Well for me, you always save the game if you encountered save points.

Throughout the game you will have much backtracking to do. Finishing the game is not quite hard though the story line is too short. When you still didn't yet evolve your monster, do your time in evolving until it reaches to the final. If you've done it, try finishing the game again.The game is very easy though. The game was good and fun to play.

My final thoughts:
The game was absolutely fun
Challenging Bosses
Lots of backtracking