A game that didn't get much attention but this game belongs in everyone's DS collection.

User Rating: 10 | Monster Tale DS
Monster tale is a platformer/virtual pet game, you might think that sounds a bit weird and kind of childish but it isn't. I bought this after hearing a few gamers on youtube talk about it, i really wasn't expecting to have as much fun as i did.
Basically you play as ellie, a young girl who finds an egg which then hatches into a strange creature, this creature is called chomp and he can evolve. You can make him evolve by killing enemies who then drop items you can feed to him. Chomp spends a lot of time on the bottom screen munching on cookies, pizza and reading books. If you need help killing an enemy or with a switch you can't reach he will help you.

Ellie will get different abilities as the game progresses, like being able to climb up walls and shooting switches from a distance. Exploring this beautiful 2D world is great at first but sometimes you have to back track which can get a little annoying, apart from that one thing this game was perfect. The bosses are fun, the music is great, this game is very charming and reminds me of the old-school platformer's with a bit of pokemon added in. Once i started playing this game i didn't really stop until i completed it, its took about 12 hours to do which for me was long enough. The difficulty was just right for me,i didn't really get stuck anywhere and its not too hard for children either, my seven year old is playing now and getting through it with just a little help from me.

Overall i think its a pretty good game for all ages and definitely needs more attention, i gave this game 10/10 because for me it was 12 hours of great fun and i would love them to make a sequel.