Just like the others but with better graphics and a complete new group of weapons,monsters,armor...

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP
Man, this game is almost perfect, it may not changed about the way you control the character but the rest is complete "new".

The new monster are so good than the others with a great AI and moves, specially the moves, because they are complete new and for you kill him you must know each move he does, so even for veteran players it may be a kind difficult to kill.The highest rank monsters can be really painful.

The weapons... well, I don't have played enough to make something detailed but I have more than a 100 hours and I had played enough to see some changes in the weapons, like in the bow who some have in the 3rd charge a new ability, and others, and they all have a really good skills and regulars stats.

The others changes came with the same pattern but still great, like some changes in the farm that make easier and faster to catch the items.