A tremendous piece of work!, a must play for any fan of the series

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP
In 3 days that i had the game i have played 43 hours, i cant stop, this is the best game by far that i have played in the PSP, I'm not a new player to the series, i got 350+ hours in freedom unite but this one surpass its predecessor by far!, they added several things and the improved the graphics by a lot.

The graphics are astonishing, visit the deserted island (paradise) by night and look at the gorgeous stars in sky, you can contemplate them for minutes its just amazing.

The gameplay is great, they introduced several monsters that were not in freedom unite, i didn't played tri because i don't have a wii, so all the monsters from tri were new to me and i was very happy with them all, the first urgent is a blue bear called aoashira, its fun to kill, im at hr2 and at 4 starts with the elder(shes not old), and so far i have felt it a bit easy, it may be because i played unite for a long time but new players to the series will surely find a challenge.

The sound was good, i didn't heard anything different from unite but still its good enough for it.

The new features they added are really cool, now you can take 2 felynes with you for your quests and at the same time send 4 other felynes in a quest of their own, the best part is that now you can build armor and weapons for your felynes, theres weapon, head and torso, they are made with scraps that u can get by destroying your old piece of equipment, the farm got several improvements, no more slow fishing you just go to the pier and press square, your character will raise a fish trap from the water and collect in bulk, same for bugs.

For the weapons they are all in with a new type (for the PSP), the switch axe, i gave it a try and loved it, its my weapon of choice so far, its a combination of a lance-like axe and a great sword with powers, i haven't tried any other weapons but i heard that they changed some of the mechanics for most weapons, the damage is different now, all the weapons have the same damage ratio in the display but that damage is multiplied depending on what weapon and what type of attack you do.

Well i didn't covered a lot of things but my urge to play its calling me, so for a closing comment i would like to say that if you have a psp you must get this game! its by far the best psp game out there