A great, beautiful, difficult game where players immers themselves in a world full of monsters that need to be slain.

User Rating: 9.5 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
This is probably the best game i have ever played personally. I spent a whole weeks check, on a 3ds and this game because of how anticipated i was of its arrival. Im slightly disapointed, and gave the game a 9.5 because of the monsters such as the rajang and tigrex that were excluded from the game. Underwater play may take more time to master, but to prove it is more than conceivable i have beaten every quest solo, with many different weapon types. The game is setting the bar pretty high in my eye, combining the japanese fantasies all of us rpg goers' seem to be drawn to, with a bloody strategic style of play. I would say at least 100 hours of gameplay would be when a hunter could say hes pretty good. and i myself have put in over 200 already on this game alone. and i wouldn't be surprised if my total monster hunter career extends over 2000 hours. From playstation first gen., to xbox 360, i have owned many games on many platforms, and still have not encountered one that drew me in like monster hunter did since pokemon blue and red came out. A must have in my eyes.