This is the best 3ds game out there, I should say that Capcom should share it with the west it is just pure amazement!

User Rating: 9.5 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
Capcom has really out did themselfs with this new monster hunter game im a little sad i had to import it but it was all worth it. If this game does come to the US and EU i will not doubt it will not get a score rating lower then a 9. The Graphics are marvelous and it really makes you seem like you are in the game. I wish that it could have added online but it has local four player co-op hopefully in the US release it will have it so Hunters all around North america and Europe can play together. When this game comes out i expect it to only put the 3ds sales at the top of its game Since japan already broke its original 3ds sales within 48 hours of the games release it should be no surprise that it will also help sales here since the game had a rating of 38/40 in japans highest score.If you love a challenging but fair game and like to feel rewarded when you take down a fearsome beast this game is for you. Also if you like to spend more then 5 hours playing a game and beating, it this game will keep you busy playing it long after you are done.