Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the best 3DS game out to date, and will make you buy a Wii U without regretting it!!

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
I have played Monster Hunter since it was just a PS2 game. Though this MMO can seem simple at first, playing online and defeating extremely tough monsters made it more addicting, to me, than any MMO I favored at the time. Then when it finally came to the PSP, there wasn't really an Online, but they made the game 5x better and portable, especially with MHF2 and MHFU. Playing MH3 on the Wii was a revolution to the Monster Hunter series. You could, for once, actually swim and fight sh*t in the water! Then MHP3, which never came out in the US, was like translated and patched for the PSP. Playing that game on Xlink brought back the online feel and experience to the game. Though MH3U for the 3DS doesn't in itself have online, the game is extremely fun and gives the Wii U an amazing exclusive! Its funny how its rated better on the Wii U too. Honestly its the same exact game. Playing it on the go and at home is and should be what its all about. Hopefully they even make an adhoc party like feature for the Wii U so friends could all play online too from one Wii U.

Anyways, I am starting to ramble and haven't really talked about what makes this game great, but honestly just try it out if you have a 3DS. You probably bought some other game that was "rated better" but will never grant you any form of replay except for maybe in a few years. This game is easily 200 hrs+, not because its hard and difficult to do and find what your trying to do like in other MMOs, but because how addictive and satisfying playing it feels, especially with friends. Get it, NO its not a 7/10. 8/10 is still kinda low. This game should have a 8.9/10 at least. I just gave it a 10 because of how underrated it is. Its its own genre of RPG fighting action. Til MH4 for the 3DS, trust me, you have to play this one!

**edit** they do have a free wii u app that lets you play MH3U online on your 3DS but through the wii. Up to 3 3DSs can join an online room. You dont even need to buy the wii u version to do this, however, you do need a wii usb lan adapter so the wireless antenna in your wii can connect to the 3DSs and also connect to the internet. Have like 30+ hours now and am HR3. Its a really fun game, especially one to just take your time with!