If you want something that will keep you entertain for hour, and hours. then buy this game. trust me. its that good.

User Rating: 9.5 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
Monster hunter ultimate is a game for any action & adventure hungry gamer. its just that game you most play for the 3DS.

the game does have some problem with the controls. the controls feel very strange at first but even that does not make you lose interest in this game. plus you get us to the controls after a while. the game has a lot to give and not a lot to take form you but time. ( but in a good way.) you will send hours and hours going there this beautiful world, and fight jaw dropping ,mind-blowing monsters, playing quest after quest. never thinking for one second, about the time.

the game will make you hunt for hours and will make you work hard for your loot. giving you tough quests and sometimes making you do a quest more then once. but its very rewarding thought. in a sense that, you get out of the game as much as you put into it.

monster hunters ultimate is truly a game to have a epic adventure.