Monster's Amongst Us

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate WIIU
Starting off I was quite frustrated with the gaming mechanics thinking that they were very clunky and thinking to myself, how can this game have such a cult following of fans that it has, yet noticed that it had potential if I learned them.
It also didn't help anything what so ever that I was playing this game on a standard definition tv. Every word was so blurry that I spent the first 10 hours just barely having a clue as to what to do, but somehow I figured out the basic gameplay structure and was able complete the 1 and 2 star quest and while completing these learned that a game update would be available to play off screen with the game pad, so unfortunately I put the game down for about a week.
During this week, I went to the web to learn more about this game because after 10 hours in and liking the basic premise, I was becoming hooked to hunting monsters. I learned a few things and when the update went live, I started playing exclusively on the game pad and instantly fell in love with what this game was. With finally being able to read the text of the game I was now able to build my arsenal of monster destruction.
The game has an amazing inventory system, with combos being the beauty of it all. Oh how I love finding new resources to be able to fashion together the items I need while on safari. Finding rare valuables is always a thrill. However sometimes when you want or need a specific item it never seems to be where it should be when you need it but I am sure that is due to the fact that I am now just learning the importance of the Moga forecast, my shipping fleet, and farming, and how all this is integral to finding the items that you need.
I also with the use of understanding how to better control the game have learned some combat tricks that have made the battles a thrilling joy with great intensity instead of the clunky unintuitive cluster of clutter I first believe this game had. I must however state that I really enjoy the quickness of the duel blades, while the strength and the slowness of the hammer or long swords for instance annoy my some still, but that is because I have yet took the time or patience to understand the finer points of those battle systems. Battling a huge monster with dual blades can be a test of endurance but seems quicker than battling with a hammer, yet in actuality are quite comparatively the same in spite of their differences, so in other words there is a nice balance between them.
The graphics are pretty, especially cuts scenes as they seem to be specifically designed with the Wii U in mind, however the graphics in-game are at times here and there a little dated for what is a next gen system, but hearing from others that this is just a tweaked up port of the Wii Monster Hunter Tri, then that is the reason why, still the upscaling to HD is better than Wii graphics and that is still a beautiful game in its own rights. The monsters are all gorgeously designed, some making you laugh and other striking you with a sense of dread and awe for detail I haven't seen for colossal monsters since Shadow of the Colossus.
This is an action rpg, and at its core it is, but lacks severely in the story department. It has a reason as too why you do what you do but there is no developement of the character other than developing your character to be the greatest hunter ever. If it wasn't for the addictiveness of just becoming the best and completing as many quest as you can to collect the best merchandise possible there would be nothing to drive you to your goal, for this game however, it doesn't detract from the over all gameplay. It is a game meant to keep you busy for time wasting enjoyment, that is all. Nothing philosophical, no epic adventure to save the world before evil swallows it whole, it is just a simulation of a primitive culture just wanting to live their day to day life, with some men or women wanting to be acknowledge for protecting the village from the wild thing. This is probably why I love this game as much as I do.
I am sure once I try online mode with friends I'll find and have an even greater love for this game but as of this review I'm 30 hrs in, playing single player and truly enjoying ever minute. That is until I faint.