Amazing game will hook you and captivate you!

User Rating: 9.5 | Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate WIIU
Hello everyone, This is my first video game review. I felt I had to review this game because it is so amazing. I love the HD graphics on this game and makes the world so colorful and bright. What captures you I think in this game is the behavior of the
monsters. Even when you defeat the same monsters time and again. They will always surprise you with a new attack or new abilities. Its just when you think you have it all figured it out, the game throws something else at you and will surprise you. I will not say what one of them is because I do not want to put spoilers in here.
I give this a -0.5 because of the controls. The controls take a lot of getting used too. But once you get used to them you will be a pro in no time at all with the controls. The crafting in this game is amazing. You have to craft your own items like weapons, armor, items, etc. There is a lot of weapons you can start out with. Here are the ones that I know of: Bow, Dart Gun, Crossbow, Sword & Shield, Dual blades, Great Sword, Axes. There are a few more but I cannot remember them all. You can specialize in any of the weapons you want. For crafting you get all of your ingredients from quests and from the monsters you defeat and from plants, and there is ore you can mine for your armor and weapons and to upgrade your weapons as well. I have played this game for about 36 hours so far and I have barely gotten to the tip of the ice berg on it. The multiplayer is region free so you can play with anyone from around the world. You can have up to 4 people playing with you for the quests that you are having difficulty with. Multiplayer is a blast on this game and you will enjoy it very much. Amazing game that will hook you in a lot of ways. Thanks for reading my review.