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User Rating: 9 | MLB Power Pros 2008 WII
Well i have not reviewed a game in some time >.> here it goes! Well guess what as a gift or one of the many, for my 13th b-day :3, My dad promised to pick me up a baseball game now at first MLB powerpros 2008 doesnt look like a very good game i didn't think so, but this game has a touch like no other.


Variety: This game has 12 modes ((still i have only played 4 and have had this game for not even a week)) My favorite being MLB life mode, Mlb life mode lets you be ethier your favorite player and have a wife, kids, house car etc. but i like how you can transfer your char from success mode my other prized mode. Season and league are really fun as well. 10

Depth:...Depth.... 8.5


Am i playing a baseball game or am i playing a wacked out anime game: I dont like the feeling of everything Anime as i mean Chibi characters...even though lil manny rameriez is cute :3

Narrator: He can be incredibley annoying, and has a weird feeling when your playing sometimes i just turn my tv down.

Overall: BUY THE GAME and if not buy a wii, then the game :) 8.5/10