Even though this series is praised to death, this instillation is a low point in its career.

User Rating: 7 | Metal Slug 7 DS
I love the Metal Slug series. So, when I happened to see the latest installment not on a home console, but a portable, I saw it as a little sketchy at first, but I picked it up anyway, and I've got this to say... WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH HAVING ONLY 7 CONTINUES? This point ruins the game for me. Have you ever played these games in the arcade, only to run out of quarters? I guess that's what they were trying to emulate, but I don't expect this to happen in the home version of the game. I remember when I purchased Metal Slug Anthology, they got it right that time, having the option of infinite continues. In a game like this, with such a punishing level of difficulty, I need this option in order to romp through the game. In this game, trust me, you will die, a lot, and you will be frustrated when you unknowingly run out of continues. Game-play wise, they lifted the engine from Metal Slug 6 and re-used it for this one. All they did is change the levels! It's the same as last year! Yet, it still is the first (of possibly many) to come out on the DS, so maybe next year, they'll get it right. This year, though, they almost succeeded. If they had more continues, and a new engine, maybe they would have succeeded.