it is amazing, addictive, but ...

User Rating: 8 | Metal Slug 7 DS
variety: 6.8/10
the levels are al fun, but there are only 7 levels, which makes it a bit boring after you try them all out. But it is good how they are all challenging enough for you to keep trying until you beat them.

graphics: 9/10
Rea;;y good graphics, but could have been better, but look-it is a nintendo ds. what do you expect?

gameplay : 8/10
moving and shooting doesnt require the touch screen, so that is why i like it. but it is kind of unusual to press the buttons to shoot up, down, left, or right. ,., .,.,.

action: 9/10
it is great arcade shooting action, with bullets everywhere, but it does get quite hectic, but it feels like your are right at war!!!

good; good graphics, addictive gameplay and levels, good cartoon looks, challenging-having you try more and more till u beat it, amazing action.

bads: only 7 levels, sometimes fustrating or too hectic, kinda weird controls, but you will easily get used to it.
worth it?
i think you should rent it first. if there were more levels, then it is an absolute buy!!!