Great fun, what do you expect? It's Mario Kart.

User Rating: 8 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC
Mario Kart has always been one of my favorite videogame series. As a kart racer it's unrivaled, there's no doubt about that. Mario Kart: Double Dash is another great addition and provides plenty of the good old Mario kart fun we all know and love. This time around you can have two characters in one vehicle. One drives, the other shoots the various power-ups you get along the way. It's a cool idea and works very well. If the "shooter" gets tired he can switch places with the driver. However, I still kinda prefer having one single character in the vehicles.

The graphics are what you've come to expect, bright colorful tracks with nice details, also the framerate is perfect, no hick-ups whatsoever. But again, that's not exactly common in a racing game. So that's really no surprise. The sense of speed is good, maybe could've been a little faster.

The tracks themselves are varied and the later ones are especially good, but I wish there were just a few more. The multiplayer is where it's at, and it doesn't disappoint, you can race or battle it out in my favorite mode, "ballon mode" or whatever it's called, it's probably not called "balloon mode" 'cos that's stupid. But anyway, that's alot of fun.

Mario Kart: Double Dash is a great game for any Mario Kart, or any racing fan really. However, I've grown tired of it now, but I've played it a LOT mind you. Also, luck plays a big role occasionally, that's not exactly good. But it's not that often.