A game which offers both fun and great experience ...... x2

User Rating: 8.8 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC
Mario Kart: Double Dash is a great game on the GameCube.

A game which everyone can enjoy, even gamers who don't like racing games, will certainly enjoy this one.
The sequel to Mario Kart 64 has done its work, it has improved a lot, compared to its predecessor. Racing tracks are better, more to unlock, more options.. to much to mention.
Mario Kart: Double Dash is a game which offers more than only gameplay, it offers 'multiple fun'. That is, when you are playing it with multiple players. Cooperating or competiting, it's still fun either way.

The gameplay is very good, and that is all thanks to the maps, the (amount of) items you can use and of course, its original gameplay: cooperating in the game. You can now put two characters in one car, and you can control both, when you are playing alone and you can control one of them, when cooperating. So, the more people, the more fun. It hasn't changed much though, except for this unique feature. You can still use the brakes the way you want to, and get a boost, when pressing the right buttons. The only thing which makes Double Dash much better than Mario Kart 64 is the fact that you can cooperate and you can play with up to 8 players, when connecting two GameCubes with each other. Of course the old 'three balloons' feature has maintained in the game. But of course, the old-fashioned' racing against each other' has been added to.

The controls are smooth, the game immediately reacts when you press a button, like it always should do. But there's one annoying problem: the triggers. They should be in perfect state to fully concentrate on the brakes. If they aren't in good shape, then it ruins the game, since you will not be able to race with your ultimate strength. Luckily it is the only flaw, discovered in the controller area.

The graphics were reasonable, but for a GameCube it certainly looks very good. The surroundings look good, and no faulty things encountered. The characters and the cars look good and realistic enough, also the maps you are riding in look good. Nothing bad can be mentioned here, only the fact that it could have been better though, but that's probably up to what the GameCube can handle.

The sound is just right, no sound problems, everything seems to be happning on the right place. No delays of sound can be heard. Also the voices are good (even though no one is really talking there). Just the fact that they could add more sound to it, like adding dialogues.

Its value is very high, since if replaying it, it will still bring back the joy, at least for several months. You can still discover many things you have never encountered and also, it offers new gameplay when playing it with more players. So it keeps getting better and better. The price of the game is still high though, which could keep you away from buying it, but it doesn't make the game bad.

This game is very original in its way, since now is the one time you can go with a friend or family member on one car and get to the finish line while cooperating. Adding unique gameplay to it. After this game's release, several other developers tried to copy this, but with no success or didn't have as much success as this game had.

This game offers much more than you would imagine, a great game to play even when you don't like racing games or when you have never played Mario Kart 64. And it's even better with multiple players. This is a game you must have played if you have a GameCube.