Mario Kart Double Dash changes the Mario Kart formula a lot, but still retains flaws the series has been known for, like

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC
Mario Kart Double Dash takes the series into brand new territory, and it's a big change for the series. Fans may be put off by this but it only makes racing more fun and it works great.

The most noted change to the series is having 2 drivers on one kart. While it seems big, this really doesn't change the game much, what it does is add a strategy element to the series that hardcore fans will love to try to perfect. Because each driver can hold an item, you'll constantly be switching drivers and holding items and trying to get as many items as you can. It adds depth to the Mario Kart formula and feels great.

But this isn't the only change, the other big one is Special Items. In this Mario Kart each character has their own special item, but each special item is different and is received at different positions of the race, meaning some characters will give you their special items whenever, and others only will when you are in last because they are very good. With each special item being different, there is a much bigger emphasis on which characters you choose and it once again adds more strategy and depth to the series, that hardcore players will love to play with.

As if this wasn't enough, Mario Kart Double Dash also features different karts, with them all having different stats, so it will add more for you to unlock, more for you to choose from, and more strategy, and it's a great addition to the series.

Battle Mode has also finally been changed. Balloon Battle is still in, but so are 2 brand new modes: Shine Thief, and Bob-omb Blast. Shine Thief is when a player collects a Shine Sprite, and if they can hold it until the timer rings, they win. However, if they are hit by an opponent the Shine Sprite will drop out and another player can pick it up. The other mode, Bob-omb Blast, is simply a mode where every item is a bob-omb and you try to bomb your opponents more then you get bombed, and it is so fun. The 2 modes make Battle Mode much more enjoyable and playable and they are wonderful to have.

So, with all these great new additions, making Double Dash a great Mario Kart, is there anything wrong with it? Well, yes. Like other Mario Karts, there are only 16 courses, and playing them over and over can get boring, meaning the single player is once again lacking.

Overall, Double Dash is a unique addition to the series that all fans of the series should try. The new additions will entice fans to try out all the new stuff, and despite a once again lacking single player mode, the game holds up as a great racing game.

Overall Score: 8.25 + New Battle Modes (0.25) + Special Items/2 per kart (0.25) + different karts (0.25) - Lacking Single Player (0.50) = 8.50