Mario Kart Double Dash is by far, the best Mario, the best Racing, and the Gamecube game ever made.

User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC
I've been addicted to this game for a long time, and I can't stop playing it.
It is the best game in the series. If you're up for a kart racing game that you
can choose two people to play as, this is your type.

Gameplay: The good thing about choosing two people at once is that you don't
necessarily choose the defaults. For example, you don't have to always choose Mario and Luigi or Peach and Daisy. Mix them up by choosing Mario and Peach or even Luigi and Daisy. The 50cc is easy, the 100cc is slightly hard, and 150cc and Mirror mode are insane!

Graphics: Very realistic! This is definitely a 3D game. The back characters
have a lot of animations. You can also sometimes see the driver turning the
steering wheel. They graphics are very shiny, colorful and beautiful.

Sound: Some of the music in this game is quite relaxing. Some of the music fits it with the track. My favorite music in the game is the Rainbow Road music. Some of the sound effects such as the motors and horn honking sound realistic. The character voices are actually very funny.

Controls: This game's controls are perfect. When I want to drift, it does
exactly what I want it to. When I throw item, it goes exactly in the direction
I want it to.

Other: Well, it's the best Mario Kart game. And if you don't have. I recommend
you should buy it.