the most fun ive had with a racer ever.

User Rating: 9.6 | Mario Kart 64 N64
This game is the 2nd mario kart game ever and its one of the best racing games ever, it has these wacky tracks with fun racers and modes and weapons that make this game one of the best.

This game can have up to 4 people playing at once in battle mode or racing each other, which is great fun when theres some competition.

battle mode is when you just randomly race around the level firing weapons at each other and killing them which is great fun, but would have been better with more tracks to play on.

there isnt much left to say about this game apart from theres a lot to keep you playing this over and over again as long as you have someone to play it with, you cant get bored of multiplayer, its too much fun.

This game has to be played by all, this game is too good to miss.