A wonderful first run for the N64.

User Rating: 9.7 | Mario Kart 64 N64
This really helped start the Nintendo "Ultra" 64 off right. It was the first game I owned for the 64, and one of the few I've played within the past couple months. "Another Shigeru Miyamoto" mastepiece, you could call it. But then again, it had the SNES Mario Kart to live up to. Control is great in the new game, as you would expect from the Super version. You get great traction, as a go kart should, there are also spots on some courses that would make you lose traction, and you even slow down in the grass. 16 new single player tracks have been added here, as well as some new players. But the big addition, is that Kart 64 actually feels 3D, as compared to the very flat SNES Kart. The visuals are very beautiful and color filled in this version, and it really makes you want to keep playing. The multiplayer is cool in the new Kart, as you have two different multiplayer styles: race and battle. The race is entirely the same as the single player mode. But the battle, you actually get to fight against your opponents and NPC racers in 4 battle arenas. This provided my friends and I lots of hours of enjoyment. The tracks themselves are very large and 3D. Many of them have jumps, and in one of the tracks, you can even visit Princess' palace as you see it in Super Mario 64. Well, another game reviewed. This one: worth the buy. Best Mario Kart yes, with the SNES counterpart at a close second. Kart 64 should be very cheap by now, so go for it...what do you have to lose?