This game has a nice single player, but an incredible multiplayer

User Rating: 9.7 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Personally I always thought Mario Kart 64 was the best in the series, the great multiplayer and fun enough single player really are hard to come by in this game. Everything is fairly represented nicely, and honestly in a couple of years, you'll play this game again. Now, just to share a memory, a couple of years ago I slept over my cousin's house in the final week of summer, and it was late at night, we all couldn't sleep, so we hooked up mario kart and played it for 2 hours every night for three nights, in the multiplayer vs. mode, and in the battle mode tracks. We stopped playing at night because school was close by and we had to get our sleep, Mario Kart was one of the highlights of the week. I always liked that, and since then I like to play Mario Kart a ltitle bit from time to time with a couple of my friends. Since then I always beleived Mario Kart had the greatest multiplayer, because the first time you go four players it's amazing. Now this game's grand prix is alot more friend with a friend to play it with you, single player is nice. What really stiks out in single player is on 150cc on special track can be a little irritating, because Mario Kart has always been true to that one little bugger that messes everything up for you. What may also get your blood going is if you get 1st place in all the tracks you get a bigger gold trophy with a little more design, and it's VERY HARD to get them for every track. With a friend it's a little more fun because you have more serious competition as well as sharing with a friend, but you can't get the super special trophy in two player. This game didn't really need a time trial mode, I only remember playing it once, it's cool how you get to race yourself, but it can be predictable, and really offers no rewards for time trial. There aren't really any unlockables, new characters might've been nice, but this game is still fun even without any outstanding unlockables, and 8 characters is still enough to have fun with the game. The style of mario kart still seems good, and the graphics still don't look terrible even with the new graphic generation. This game is a keeper, you'll come back to it like a bad habit, and even though it's old, just pick it up and play it for a little bit! Even now, you can have some fun with this game, and even have some nice memories.