This is by far the best multiplayer racing game to date on the Nintendo or even for any console.

User Rating: 9.3 | Mario Kart 64 N64
The Mario franchise has been around since the early eighties & we've seen Mario run, jump, play golf, tennis and even drive a kart. But what you can say is this is the finest driving game to date. Who would've ever imagined that Mario could do so many different things and star in so many different genres. But this is Mario at his finest. You have the choice of three different options that you can do in Mario Kart 64. In single player mode you can do time trials to see how well you fair up against the competition, find all the hidden secrets, passages,shortcuts, and even learn what is the right technique to take on all the 16 different race tracks. There's a campaign mode that has three different vehicle settings. 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. Each of these three forms of racing varies mainly due to how much power your getting and your overall speed. Last but certainly not least is the multiplayer mode which Mario Kart 64 got most of it's recognition from. You can race up against your friends a in one on one of even a one on three race. The multiplayer is definetly the "Bomb" in the game. It shapes the personality and the overall feel of the game. There's also another great mode in which you have balloons on your cart and you basically have to smash up your opponent by shooting them with shells, make them slip up on banannas or even make them run off the edge of a cliff in some stages. You keep doing this until all five of your opponents balloons are gone and until very player is eliminated. There's just so much to be done in Mario Kart 64 and it's a game which once you pick up the controller it's probably going to be in your hands for the next year. This game is highly addictive and adreneline junkies will absolutely adore this game. The overall feel of the game is fantastic. It's fun and it has a light feel to it all and you'll be laughing and having a ball from start to finish. The tracks usually keep to a time limit between two to three minutes. So a race doesn't drag on for too long so it keeps it short but sweet. The way the game presents itself is really high qaulity. The game looks very nice, clean and at times very colourful and pretty. When your in a race you feel lost in it from start to finish. Due to the fact that the game is presented so well your eyes never leave the screen. The game has nice catchy beats and the music doesn't really get annoying. Even when your in the thick of things. The overall sound and sound effects are great and light hearted which brings a great feel into the game. Overall you'll be kept busy for a very long time and don't expect you'll be playing another racing title for a long time. Because this game is always offering more things and you'll be hooked to come back for more. Even after a month of playing the single player mode and completing it. You'll always find new things to do and explore, and no matter how much you keep winning you just won't get enough of it. This is by far the best multiplayer racing game to date on the Nintendo or even for any console.