Greatest Mario Kart Still to date. Fastest speeds, great tracks, amazing replayability, and fun for the whole family.

User Rating: 9.8 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Mario 64 stands at the top of all Mario Karts to date (as of 1/21/2006) not because its "retro" or cool because its "old skool" now. It is everything Mario Kart player ever wanted. This game filled everyman (and woman's) dreams of what Mario Kart could be. For the fastest speeds ever seen, and the greatest replayability known, this games stands above all others. I'll admit Mario Kart DD was fast but its dust compared to the blazing, wheel burning, fire shoot start boosts of 64. Anybody with a 64 today should keep it and four controllers (because playing with friends is the only way to enjoy any Mario Kart game) to make sure they have a way to play the all mighty Mario 64.
Mario 64 i love you.