A sick first football game!

User Rating: 9 | Madden NFL 08 PC
I love football. So I got this game, it's my first football game. I didnt play any before 08 so I didn't get that "recycled" feeling. But right away I got to pick my favorite team and felt immersed by the Dolphins,

At first just playing custom games was entertaining, because honestly, the gameplay felt really right and controls are sharp. After a while, I wanted something more. So I did my skill drills and got better with the gameplay. I wanted something more. So I did the superstar thing, honestly it blew. But the gameplay still gave me hope! So I gave a shot at franchise. Amazing! This is what my 80 hours of madden went into. Career stats, rising stars, playoffs, newspaper, practice, team management, Salaries, coaching, NFL draft.... it's all here and I love it. I kept upgrading difficulty and now I'm 0 and 4 on the punishing all madden difficulty. The controls feel perfect with xbox 360 controller, and is even set-up for it.

Cons: there are some AI bugs with blocking and AI tackling, but easily overlookable. Some parts of game unfinished, creating a playbook is very difficult, possibly impossible. No perfect difficulty, eventually becomes too easy or way too hard.

Interested in football? Only have a computer? THis will immerse you in a inescapable world of football