A LEGO game that is broken for the completionists.

User Rating: 5 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 PC
This is the first of two LEGO Harry Potter game. You play the first half of the story. You will recognize your favorite characters as Hermione, Ron and for sure, Voldemort.

There are plenty of rooms and places to explore and solve enigmas. They vary from each other. The sound is correct as well as it is for the graphics.

As you know, LEGO games are perfect for playing coop. That is still the same. The split screen works well once again and gives the players more freedom and is not tied up to his partner, except in few cases.

The story takes about 15 hours to complete. However, the major problem is that once you finish the game and you want to have the 100% completion, you can't. Or at least, we could not. We needed the polyjuice to switch characters, but we did not have it. So we did as everyone else, and we got to the cinema and look at the polyjuice cinematic. It unlocked the talent. However, as plenty of people all over the world, we were stuck in the potion room. We could not get out of there with any characters. You need to restart a new game from scratch. That's inconceivable. How did that pass the QA department? I work as a QA myself and this is the kind of bug that you just cannot let go.

Globally, if you just want to play the game and complete the story, rent it. For everyone else who want to finish the whole game, forget that and try any other LEGO games. Do not encourage that type of development for a game.