A great game flawed by technical difficulties and lack of support.

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 PC
If you played any of the previous games in the LEGO series, you already know what to expect form this game. Traveller's Tales sticks to a recipe that works, and delivers a familiar gameplay we all learned to love.

The theme is now Harry Potter and location is Hogwarts, and it's funny and simple, you jump, you shoot, you collect studs and beat the bad guys whilst unlocking characters, collecting gold bricks, heraldic shield parts and save students in peril.
A lot of content hidden in the levels, and in Hogwarts castle will keep you occupied for a long time.
Also game runs quite fine on maximized settings even on my 5 year old computer.

Unfortunately not everything is perfect as the game has a lot of technical difficulties that I can't believe the beta testers have overlooked. Through the co-op campaign with my girlfriend I have experienced numerous glitches, bugs and crashes that really, really gets on your nerves after a while. Every other level crashed to desktop, there were controller issues, player freezes and simply gameplay issues that made progress impossible, like cauldron potions not working. As in every game we tried to complete the game 100%, but after a while, due to glitches simply gave up, since I couldn't find any patches to the game online.
So this makes a first game in the LEGO series I never finished completely which makes me a very sad LEGO fan :'(

With bugs taken in account, I can't score the game higher than 6, otherwise it would be a sure 9.

Buyers beware, the game will test your nerves and patience :D