Sloppy controls, dizzying gps, boring, and repeatative!

User Rating: 4 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS3
I am so sad to have to give this title such a low score. I was thouroughly disappointed in it. I have played all the Lego titles with the exception of Lego Clone Wars. I expected fun, but what I got was a boring storyline, with repetitive boring levels. Seven levels were dedicated to fighting the same giant boss! In addition there were constant "news casts" you had to watch which were also boring and got old quick.

The characters were acquired by a repetitive and frankly stupid means;open mobile box, enemy appears, climb building, punch enemy, buy enemy. Blaaah!

Levels were difficult to navigate, the characters were sloppy to control. Flying is so difficult it's ridiculous, the character almost always over shoots the place you want to land. Too many technical glitches in the levels.

Gotham city is HUGE, it's impossible to get around even with cars. The GPS is 2D but the area is 3D, you can't tell if something is up or down or how close or far away it is. You can scan for hidden things like red bricks which are all in the city not in the levels but then you have to hurry up and mark the spot before it disappears on the map. There's no explanation of any of the icons on the gps. You have some weird Lego studs that look like the ghost studs from Lego Harry Potter you can follow to where you need to go but even with a map, gps, and those it's still really hard to find anything. In addition the map shows you as a green arrow but no matter which way you face the arrow always points south!!!!!!!!!

The co-op is an absolute disaster. It's so difficult and annoying it's dizzying and me and the kids get headaches from how confusing it is. The split screen is sloppy and whirls around. It's annoying and I can't stand to play with another person on it. Also in co-op when using Super Man's lazer if your teammate moves you can't aim the lazer, instead it tries to follow your team mate around!!!??

The graphics were excellent but it does nothing to save the game from it's faults. In addition, there are too many cgi interrupts in the levels almost every couple of steps I took it was a cgi scene of crap moving, falling, or breaking. The flying/chasing scenes were boring, easy and predictable. This title should have been tested much more and more thought and time should have been put into the story-line. I do not recommend buying this, rent it first.

Vehicles. A complete DISASTER! Vehicles have NO breaks they just keep rolling. If you want to stop you have to jump out. They won't turn back over if they get rolled over like in other Lego titles, and if they get stuck (which they get stuck on everything) they won't brake and re-spawn and stay stuck until the area is reloaded!! JUNK! Boats and aircraft are just as crummy.

A new addition to this review is this: Trophy Glitch. There is a glitch while trying to get one of the trophies i won't say which one to avoid spoilers in the review but there is a work around for it, even still it's unacceptable.