A brilliant game all round with just a few big errors

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS3
So I borrowed this game off my friend for a while and i completed it. I think some of the storyline is pointless but its a great way to learn more about the characters. The story overall is very well constructed and is something not many games have done well. However this game has done it well. Even after the game is completed it is very cool to free roam the city as all your favourite DC Comics characters. The only big problem is I think there maybe should be an additional thing to do after its completed because with the free roaming its not really a long term thing. Once id completed this game I only spent about another 5 hours playing it because simply once id bought most the characters and vehicles there was nothing to do other than free roam and defeat miscellanous Villain henchmen. I also think that when you free roam that it is very annoying how you cant have peace and quiet form henchmen for 30 seconds because they seem to be straight back to fight you. Apart from those few small errors I think the game is brlliant especially for the family or for 5-14 yr olds.