Great game, while it lasts...

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS3
I really enjoyed this game, I really, really did. The graphics are good, the gameplay is great minus a few iffy control spots, and the voice talent is fantastic. It's just too short. I played this with my husband for a few hours a couple of nights, both of us thoroughly enjoying ourselves- the humor in this game is spot on, and makes for fun play sessions. But the story simply doesn't last long at all.

Once we finished the story, we spent a few minutes flying around the city unlocking various characters to play as, but it frankly got old very, very quickly. Once the main story line is over, there's simply nothing else to do but gather collectibles to get the game to say you've finished it a 100%, which means replaying the same stages as different people. This may appeal to some people, but I would have much preferred to have 3 times as many levels.

Would I buy this again, or any other Lego game, since they apparently all play the same? Yes, probably. The game still plays great, and we did have fun. I may work on the collectibles occasionally. Would I buy it new? No. I don't think I'll buy these games until I can get them used after they've had a decent discount. Collectibles are alright, but I wanted more story!