Brilliant fast moving game incorporates just about everything Lara has ever encountered in TR games 21st Century style.

User Rating: 9.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
We definitely need more of Lara Croft in this format. This game is fun, addictive, and not too stressful (I don't like to be too stressed when I''m having fun) and all of her enemies from the past ten years are here - they've all been brought into the 21st century. It's great to be able to collect so many weapons along the way and try them out to find out which one suits you best. Also working out what the artifacts and relics are all about adds interest.
I still want to see more of the Tomb Raider games but this version is a great one for filling the gaps and keeping busy. It's great that you can play the game and then go back and try to achieve the challenges that you missed the first time around. (I have played each level a few times and enjoyed them each time that I've played). Then having done this you can then go on, fully armed and with game experience to play with a friend. What a fantastic game and all for $15!!!!!!