Don't Judge by its "cloths". Judge it by its "character". An old saying...

User Rating: 9 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
When you meet a new person, inevitably you will judge it. On what principles do you do this ? By the way he dresses? or by the he/she thinks? and acts?
Our actions tells us who we really are.

The same can be said about this video game. You judge it because it features Lara Croft and is not a Tomb Raider game? Or will you judge it based on the action it features.
To be honest I was a little sad this wasn't to be a new Tomb Raider game. But after getting initially the demo and after the full game and played it I can say I am very releaved and very happy THAT IT ISN'T ANOTHER TOMB RAIDER GAME!

Well lets start:

- I played every single Tomb Raider game since 1996/97 when the 1st game was ever released in DOS (right how many of you know about DOS). I remember OMG what resolution (640x480) and details and the story proved as epic as the 1st impression.

- The games were initially developed by Core Design and later Crystal Dynamics reinvented the mechanics (these guys are the ones that made the 1st Legacy of Kain (Silicon Knights) and the Soul Reaver series).

Ok ok, but you will say :"Yes I see you know alot about the background so? what about this game?"

I will reply: " Think for yourselves...What does this game offer like the others don't?" It's easy:

- I played, and loved TRINE both single and coop. BUT this game is A.W.E.S.O.M.E in both single and co-op. You see, in single player you have tons of action and puzzle solving.
But where it really GLOWS is in co-op. All the levels are redesigned proving a challenge for both the players. Even if you beat single player mode, the co-op mode will sure take you by surprise : "WOOT this wasn't here in single player"
or "What to do here buddy?"

- I allways wanted to play a Tomb Raider game with my friends and my wife since it is the best action/adventure game for almost 1.5 decades now.

- I loved the multiple replay value, the collectibles weapons, costumes, relics etc.
- I really loved the timed challenges and the challenges tombs which puts you in thinking mode.
- The story is made to be a story and to be a reason for you and "Mr. Ancient Guardian of Light with a Flamethrower" to explore all the tombs and progress forward and it's doing it's job really well.
- A BIIG, VERYY BIG, EXTREAMLLY BIG MINUS ("-") goes for the the controllers method in coop. I mean why can't be both play using the keyboard. SO in order to play in local co-op one must use a controller and the other player the keyboard&mouse. this is the minimum required controlling method. The game supports 2 controllers so both of you can play using a controller for each.

- Again the same stupid weapon binding option seen here. Multiple weapons only 4 slots to bind them. This is the legacy of the console porting no doubt. Luckily you don't need to re-bind them often.

- For 3D Vision owners. This game performs very well in stereoscopic 3D. The shadows might be annoying sometimes. They can be disabled if wanted from the games option menu, but these are very rare locations. I RECOMMEND playing it in 3D if possible since the isometric camera will provide a way better experience when seen in stereo 3D then plain 3D.

Well this is all that comes in my mind right now.
Hope you enjoyed the reading.:)