Worth it for the low price

User Rating: 7 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
A fast paced, mostly fun and trigger-happy Lara-adventure setted in yet another world of ancient ruins.

Not a Tomb Raider game hence the name. But still I would have love to see more of the "real" Lara Croft than the plain character she is in this game. Really it could just have been anyone - Jill Valentine, Bloodrayne or Sonic the Hedgehog in a platformer running around in ancient tombs. Arcade style.

The "story" is forgettable - it's just there as an excuse to make a new action game with this iconic female hero. You must chase down and defeat a supernatural being called Xolotl. And doing it by running through dungeons filled with vermin and traps.
Lots of shooting at enemies and other stuff, jumping/climbing and other gymnastics to avoid certain doom and keeping you eye out for power-ups and important relics. All at a rather high pace and sometimes quite difficult.

At least I found it rather hard to cope with the pc-controls for this game. When things got hectic and you have to run, roll and jump like mad to avoid death by falling down a deep pit because the tiles behind you (and in front of you) cracks and explode, often just leads till certain death for little Lara - because you panic with the rather lousy controls and the slightest miss leads to your doom.
I tried with a couple years old Saitek control without much improvement. Seems the best way to play this game is with an X360 conroller - on a X360. This game is not optimized for the PC.

On the other hand - when you finally clear a difficult dungeon you really feel rather satisfied with yourself. I had to do it on lowest difficulty though. Started up at normal but quickly found out that I would never be able to finish the game that way.

Mostly fun nevertheless, despite bad keyboard controls and the blatant cursing that follows. It is rather short - a skilled player is maybe able to run through this under 5 hours. I did it in 11 though.

Plays good with an friend also. Doing it right now - and we are both just as bad. Watch it with those frickin BOMBS Lara...